The FDA has cleared the Cynosure’s Cellulaze Workstation for commercial distribution.

About 85% of women aged 20 or older have some form of cellulite. Despite lots of hype and promises, there are few, if any, effective treatments for cellulite that have passed muster. As a result, this is considered a big, untapped market. Some consider any working cellulite cure or treatment to be the holy grail of cosmetic medicine.

Is Cellulaze the holy grail? Clinical data has shown that Cellulaze treatments can increase the thickness of the skin by 25% and increase the elasticity of the skin by 29% at one year.

This is a big deal, says Barry E. DiBernardo, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, in a press release. “Based on the scientific data and the patient results we have observed over the past several years of evaluating the device, Cellulaze represents a new and highly effective standard of treatment for cellulite,” he says. Dr. DiBernardo is a Cellulaze investigator.

“To-date there have been no laser technologies that have had significant, lasting benefits for cellulite,” said  Bruce Katz, MD, the director of the Juva Skin & Laser Center in New York City, in a press release.  “Cellulaze has proven, long-term results that have far surpassed my expectations.  I am confident it will be changing the way doctors approach cellulite treatment for good as one treatment can treat cellulite in the long term without any maintenance.”

During the Cellulaze procedure, a tiny laser fiber is inserted under the skin to gently heat the skin and disrupt the fat. Next, the laser releases the fibrous bands that create the dimpling effect. The result? A smoother look. Finally the laser’s energy stimulates collagen production to increase skin’s thickness and elasticity for a more even, healthier appearance. Improvements are usually visible within a few weeks.

Cellulaze is also currently being marketed in Canada, the European Union, Australia and South Korea. Cynosure is pursuing regulatory approvals in additional international markets.

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