Reliant Technologies announces that its Fraxel re:pair laser system has received FDA clearance for ablation, coagulation, and skin resurfacing. The system has also been cleared for fractional deep dermal ablation (FDDA) treatment, which tightens skin and produces collagen.

The laser combines benefits of conventional CO2 resurfacing with the safety of fractional photothermolysis. It treats a portion of the skin’s surface and leaves the surrounding areas intact to allow rapid healing. During FDDA treatment, the skin is ablated and coagulated in deep (up to 1.6 mm) columns called microscopic treatment zones (MTZs). The Fraxel re:pair laser’s high speed optics allow the MTZs to be spaced across the skin’s surface to provide even, thorough tissue tightening for effective resurfacing. FDDA treatment may also be performed on the neck and chest.

The FDA clearance was based on a multisite clinical trial of FDDA treatments. The study is under way at 10 sites throughout the United States.

[Reliant Technologies, July 2, 2007]