Sherry L. Brereton, executive vice president of Care-Tech tells us that almost 30 years ago, her company began developing new technology to prevent and treat topical infection. The first products the company introduced were antimicrobial skin cleansers in a premium grade to address delicate, aging tissue with nontoxic, broad-spectrum antimicrobial action to help replace the dermis’ lost antibacterial protection.

What prompted you to develop Techni-Care® Surgical Scrub & Prep?

Our marketing personnel spend significant time reviewing medical journals and searching for high incidences of infection possibly due to failure of topical therapies. Surgical-site infection came to our attention, as did dermatitis, and the red, raw, irritated hands of OR personnel. We owned the knowledge and chemistry to resolve these two issues. Techni-Care was developed as an alternative to alcohol-containing substances. With its superior surfactancy (the ability to clean and remove oil and organic materials), lack of toxicity, and broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, it was a viable formulation for both surgical scrub procedures and preoperative prep procedures.

How long does it take before Techni-Care is effective?

The chemical action of Techni-Care is immediate, as it attacks pathogens on contact in a cell lycing capacity. We have it labeled for 2 minutes’ contact time to comply with the mechanical aspects of use.

What are the main uses of Techni-Care?

Techni-Care is used by professionals for surgical scrub: cleaning and degerming hands up to the forearms, and prep procedures prior to invasive procedures. Because it has no toxicity indications, it is being utilized as a prebathing step by facilities that are enhancing their infection-control programs. Hygiene concerns and bariatric patient loads indicate a need to strengthen infection-prevention policies. Techni-Care is used safely from head to toe for incision cleansing and site maintenance after a procedure to ensure that the wound site is free from organic material and contaminants. It is also used for facial prep and vaginal prep procedures.

What New products have been developed at Care-Tech?

We are now directing Barri-Care® Anti-microbial Ointment (a broad-spectrum anti-microbial in an ointment base) into postsurgical use. It provides a protective barrier against contaminants, moisture, and wound drainage, making it excellent for skin folds in protecting against yeast and fungi. Humatrix® Microclysmic Gel is our recently patented product designed for tissue trauma, burns, and wound treatment; and it is used in pre- and post-laser procedures to protect tissue from deep burns or trauma. Humatrix is bacteriostatic, and it modulates the osmotic pressure of tissue by a timed release of moisture. This biochemistry promotes and accelerates cellular regeneration by replicating the natural fibro-connective template and promoting fibroblast activity, the precursor of collagen formation. Our studies indicate the possible reduction of hyper-granulation, scarring, and hyper-contracture; and there is an increase in extensibility and flexibility of human skin with this glycosaminoglycan matrix.