Courteney Cox, like much of Hollywood, has transformed herself to more fully inhabit the characters she plays. In the case of Starz’s forthcoming comedy-horror Shining Vale, Cox’s leading role has brought the 57-year-old star to examine her own personal transformation, including the “strange” results of her own cosmetic procedures. In an interview with the The Times, the Friends actor opened up about avoiding and accepting the aesthetic realities of aging. 

“It was exciting to play a character that was so flawed and real,” Cox says of Shining Vale‘s Pat, a depressed erotic novelist whose family moves into a potentially haunted house after a crisis. “[And] the fact that she’s going through this midlife crisis slash menopause.” But Cox acknowledges that midlife shouldn’t be a time to aspire to aesthetic goals of decades past, and says she “tried to chase that [youthfulness] for years.”

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