Whether you look at plastic surgery as a way to boost ego or improve health and comfort, you have to admit it’s fascinating how modern science allows us to change our bodies. To track the most captivating cosmetic procedures out there, a team at HighSpeedInternet.com used Google Trends data to discover what procedure each state was most interested in going under the knife for.

An Unexpressed Love of Breasts

You may have noticed that despite breast augmentation being the most popular surgery last year with 290,467 reported procedures in 2016, it didn’t make an appearance in the search results. Only Kansas seemed interested in searching for it at all.

This may be because most people already have a rudimentary understanding of breast augmentation due to its widespread usage. Instead, the search histories for plastic surgery tend to show interest in both new procedures and local favorites, which we’ll delve into more deeply below.

The Darling Derrière

Butt enhancement is a clear local favorite in the South and Midwest. Maryland, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri are the top states to research bottom implants. Meanwhile, Louisiana wants to know more about butt lifts, and Texas goes all out in typical Texas fashion by searching for full “lower-body lifts.”

The Effects of “Cold” Age

In states known for having the worst winters, residents were on the hunt for anti-aging procedures to fight the effects harsh weather can have on the skin. North Dakota, Maine, Idaho, and Massachusetts look for the answer in Botox, while Minnesota and Wisconsin are searching out dermabrasion. In the Far North, Alaska hopes for help from face-lifts.

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