To (lip) flip or not to flip, that’s the question many patients are asking their plastic surgeons. But the decision between treatment options—lip flip, lip filler, or both—is multifaceted. And personal, plastic surgeons say.

One of the reasons people have begun requesting lip flips more frequently is a fear of looking overdone. “Some patients are hesitant to get filler because they associate it with the dramatic augmentations that were popular ten years ago. They don’t know it can be done subtly,” says Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon David M. Lieberman, MD. “They might ask for a lip flip, thinking it’s a substitute for filler.”

However, the differences between the two options are more nuanced than that, and experienced doctors can “deliver a very natural-looking, beautiful result with filler,” assured Dr. Lieberman.

While the choice is ultimately yours, talking with an expert can ensure you make the best decision. “Everyone should go to a trusted provider who will be honest about what’s possible for them, within the scope of their anatomy and their boundaries of budget and comfort,” says Dr. Lieberman. “It’s important to deliver all the information and set realistic expectations for any aesthetic procedure.” To educate yourself on which option might be best for you, we gathered insight from top doctors that perform the procedure.

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