There was a time when the aftermath of breast cancer surgery was a painful reality. Imagine the plight of the woman who had to go through the trauma of diagnosis of the cancer and get an important organ removed, which defined her identity. But thanks to advancements in science, breast reconstruction surgeries have given cancer survivors a hope to live a life with dignity. Oncoplastic breast surgery is also a type of breast reconstructive surgery which integrates plastic surgery techniques with traditional breast reconstruction surgery to preserve the breasts ascetically after removing the cancer from the breasts.

Recently, oncologists and researchers from P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC and Kings’ College, London came together to talk on new frontiers of cancer treatment, where Ashutosh Kothari, oncoplastic breast surgeon, clinical director breast services, Guy’s and Thomas NHS Trust gave a talk on overview of oncoplasty. Here are few questions he answered on the same.

What is oncoplastic breast surgery?

Oncoplastic breast surgery modifies the conventional breast reconstruction surgery and integrates plastic surgery to give the breasts an ascetic look. This helps the organs to retain form, function and improve the quality of life post breast cancer treatment.