BENEV Company Inc launches a novel RF microneedling device, Sylfirm X, in the US as the exclusive distributor.

“With the rapid growth in regenerative aesthetics driven by scientific and technological advancement on one side, and increasing patient demand on the other, aesthetic practitioners are making pivotal decisions on how to integrate new treatment approaches into their practice and we are proud to be their solution provider, and a provider that they can trust to be in alignment with their practice to offer only the most safe & effective offerings.”

— Ethan Min, CEO of BENEV Company Inc

Next-Generation Treatments

Sylfirm X Ultimate Edition, manufactured by Viol Co Ltd (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) and distributed in the US by BENEV Company, boasts eight different continuous and pulse wave bipolar RF delivery modes. It uses bipolar non-insulated microneedle RF electrodes to uniformly treat the entire skin layer, maximizing treatment results and providing global skin improvements, specifically redness and vascularity with PW modes; and skin laxity with the CW modes.

JongJu Na, MD, PhD, of South Korea worked to develop a device that targeted pigmentation and skin rejuvenation for all skin types, with reduced treatment time and little to no pain or downtime. Sylfirm was the result, featuring not only traditional adjustable-depth CW delivery but his patented PW modes as well, treating both the face and body. The safety, versatility, and the subsequent outcomes, are supported by 25+ publications.

Undoubtedly, the most profound advantage seen with Sylfirm X Ultimate Edition is the “Na Effect,” named for its inventor and detailed in a 2015 study of tissue reactions to bipolar RF microneedling. Na and colleagues performed in vivo treatment of micropig skin and ex  vivo treatment of bovine liver tissue with RF microneedling,  varying needle insertion depth and conduction time in both cases. Tissue reactions in and around thermally induced coagulation columns were carefully noted via histologic examination. 

Overall, Na and colleagues found that by using uninsulated needles and two-second conduction times with minimal surface penetration, individual regions of thermal coagulation around each pointed needle tip converged with nearby coagulation zones. This rapidly produced a pronounced effect at the surface, limiting depth of coagulation to 300 microns and reducing treatment time to less than 20 minutes. Damage but not destruction of vascular tissue in the treatment area was noted, while preserving the surrounding skin. Furthermore, Sylfirm X can penetrate from 300 microns to 4 mm, thus enabling treatment of all skin layers – the epidermis, basal membrane and papillary dermis – as well as superficial blemishes to deeper structures, promoting color correction and collagen remodeling while utilizing a single tip.

Supported by six published clinical trials, stable RF delivery using CW modes will create wide, independent coagulation around each electrode, harnessing the Na Effect for overall dermal rejuvenation and regeneration. For pigmentation and vascularity, Sylfirm X’s unique PW modes provide softer, more selective coagulation in the basal membrane and vascular structures, targeting abnormal, small blood vessels while leaving surrounding tissue virtually unaffected. Recovery after this selective coagulation and dermal remodeling is rapid. The efficacy and mechanism of action are currently confirmed by ten studies.

[Source(s): BENEV Company Inc, PR Newswire]