UVSunSense LLC offers sun-monitoring wristbands that tell users when to apply more sunscreen—and when to get out of the sun. According to the company, these wristbands are designed to work with sunscreens of SPF 15 or higher, and change color depending on the SPF level of the user’s sunscreen as well as the amount of time the user spends in the sun. They feature improved color shifting and new kid-friendly sizes.

UVSunSense LLC
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Vichy Laboratoires introduces the NEOVADIOL Gf collection, which is specifically formulated to address the needs of women experiencing the effects of hormonal slowdown and skin sagging due to menopause. It includes: NEOVADIOL Gf Day (for normal to combination skin, and also available for dry skin), which reconstructs the epidermal barrier on contact for softer skin; and NEOVADIOL Gf Night, which is enriched with microstimulating Phytodoline to help reduce impression wrinkles formed while one sleeps. Both contain Pro-Xylane™ and Proteic Gf for intensive tissue reconstruction.

Vichy Laboratoires


Clinicians Complex, Braselton, Ga, introduces Anti-Redness Serum, which is formulated to reduce facial redness associated with mild rosacea, erythema, and other dermal inflammation, according to the company. This hydrating formula has soothing properties to calm and correct red, irritated skin. It contains an antimicrobial agent and utilizes a silicone and emu oil-based system to effectively deliver ingredients deep into the skin. It also contains arnica extract to reduce skin inflammation and a blend of lipids to help rebuild a healthy natural moisture barrier.

Clinicians Complex
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Envy Medical Inc introduces the Lumixyl™ Brightening System, which helps treat hyperpigmentation and prevent its reoccurrence without irritation or other side effects associated with prescription Hydroquinone or retinoids. The system includes the following products for all skin types: Active-Prep Cleanser, Topical Brightening Creme, GlycoPeel 20 Rapid Exfoliating Lotion, and Moisture-Lock Sunscreen SPF 30.

Envy Medical Inc
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PerfectRX offers lower pricing with the same concentration of active ingredients. Patients/clients using PerfectRX products report improvements in as little as 2 weeks with continuing results. Products contain the latest generation of active ingredients and the highest concentration available; Matrixyl 3000 w/matrikines Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR, Palmitoy Tri-peptide 3, Amino Acids, Oglie Peptides, Hexa-Peptides (Argirilene), Copper Peptide GHK-Cu, and more. Ask about private labeling.

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Sciton Technologies Inc, Palo Alto, Calif, introduces the ClearScan ALX (Alexandrite, 755 nm) laser for permanent hair reduction. According to the company, the laser provides rapid treatment through a high-speed scanner in a nonsequential delivery for precise, uniform coverage and comfortable hair reduction with continuous contact cooling. It is designed to treat patients with speed and efficacy.

Sciton Technologies Inc
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Obagi Medical Products, Long Beach, Calif, adds two new products to its Obagi-C Rx System. C-Balancing Toner prepares the skin for optimal penetration of prescription products while thoroughly cleansing the skin. C-Clarifying Serum combines 10% professional-strength Vitamin C and prescription-strength 4% Hydroquinone to reduce melanocite activity that brightens and evens the skin tone while adding antioxidant protection. Both products are formulated for normal to oily skin.

Obagi Medical Products Inc
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