The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) this week announced the highest-scoring candidates on the organization’s 2011 oral and written examinations.

The highest scorers were tied on the ABCS Oral Examination and are honored by receiving the “Robert F. Jackson, MD, Award.”  This award exemplifies the outstanding performance demonstrated by Dr Jackson throughout his many years of dedicated service as an oral examiner, past president, and current Trustee of the ABCS. This year’s recipients are Brett S. Kotlus, MD and Robert J. Troell, MD.

The highest scorer on the ABCS written examination is honored by receiving the “William K. Miles, MD, Award.”  Dr Miles’s service on the Board of Trustees, as oral examiner and as Chairman of the Credentials Committee in past years, demonstrated the highest standards of excellence in the practice of cosmetic surgery. 

Miles passed away on March 22, 2009, after serving his community in Fort Worth, Texas for more than 44 years.  This award recognizes the outstanding academic achievement by the highest-scoring candidate.  This year’s recipient is Brent R. Rosen, DO.

On April 9 and 10, 2011, the following physicians passed the oral and written examinations conducted by the ABCS:

    * Rania Agha, MD – Dermatologic
    * Scott Blyer, MD, DDS – Facial
    * Steven T. Constantine, DO – Facial
    * Tarek Copty, MD – General
    * Anthony C. Corrado, DO – General
    * Robert Chad Deal, MD – General
    * Jerome M. Guanciale, DO – General
    * Dustin M. Heringer, MD – General
    * Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini, MD – General
    * Brett S. Kotlus, MD – Body, Breast & Extremity
    * Chris A. Lowery, DO – General
    * John J. Martin, Jr., MD – Facial
    * Shahram Mashhadian, MD – General
    * Landon D. McLain, MD – General
    * Lionel D. Meadows, MD – General
    * Donny J. Peterson, MD – Facial
    * John L. Porcaro, MD – General
    * Carlos R. Pou Vendrell, MD – Facial
    * Amiya Prasad, MD – Body, Breast & Extremity
    * Brent R. Rosen, DO – General
    * William L. Scarlett, DO – General
    * Richard L. Schloemer, MD – Body, Breast & Extremity
    * Geoffrey D. Stiller, MD – General
    * Robert J. Troell, MD – Facial
    * Drake Glen Vincent, MD – Body, Breast & Extremity
    * James E. White, MD – General
    * Suzanne W. Yee, MD – Body, Breast & Extremity
    * Justin M. Young, MD – Facial
    * Mark M. Youssef, MD – Body, Breast & Extremity

On April 10, 2011, the following physicians passed the Recertification Examination conducted by the ABCS:

    * Fardad Forouzanpour, DO – General
    * David K. Hiranaka, MD, DMD – General
    * Lawrence Kass, MD – Facial

[Source: American Board of Cosmetic Surgery]