Get the most out of your PPC ad campaigns now | Plastic Surgery Practice August 2014

“A PPC ad offering tummy tucks should contain the words “tummy tuck” and link to a specific web page about tummy tucks.”

Evans_DavidBy David Evans, PhD, MBA

Pay per click (PPC) works like this: Online advertisers such as a plastic surgery practice will pay Internet publishers an agreed-upon rate when their ad is clicked on, regardless of whether or not the interaction goes any further than that. The goal is not to get millions of clicks, but instead to better target the campaign so the clicks turn into cases.

Is your PPC campaign really working for you? It may not be producing the types of results you were hoping for, but these five hacks will surely increase your PPC return on investment.

#1 PPC Hack No 1: Cast a smaller net

Adjust the location to select only those ZIP codes that encompass your target patient population. Anything wider will not generate worthwhile leads, but it will cost you.

#2 PPC Hack No 2: Use your words

Always include the target search term in the ad text, and link directly to a page about the promotion—ie, a PPC ad offering tummy tucks should contain the words “tummy tuck” and link to a specific web page about tummy tucks.

#3 PPC Hack No 3: Spread the words

Don’t lump all of the keywords into one campaign. Instead, dilute the terms for use in different campaigns. Tip: Decide how many clicks you want for a specific procedure, and use the Google AdWords tool to project a budget for each campaign.

#4 PPC Hack No 4: Skip the broad match

If you broad match, every time a key phrase is searched, even when it is part of a longer phrase, your ad pops. If you choose “plastic surgery” as a broad match term, your ad will appear for terms like “best plastic surgery,” but it will also appear for terms like “cheap plastic surgery,” “botched plastic surgery,” or “celebrity plastic surgery.” Instead, skip the broad match option entirely. Each click runs up your bill, but likely won’t help fill your waiting room.

#5 PPC Hack No 5: Aim high

If your ad has a high-quality score, you pay less per click than an ad that appears lower on the page. Google provides a specific quality ad score for the keywords in your campaign. As you make changes to the campaign, you can see the quality score improve or drop. Boost yours by making the ad more attractive and the landing page stickier with more compelling calls to action and interactivity. n

David Evans, PhD, MBA, is the CEO of Ceatus Media Group, based in San Diego. His column, “The Edge,” appears in every issue of Plastic Surgery Practice. He can be reached via [email protected].

Original citation for this article: Evans D. 5 expert PPC hacks. Plastic Surgery Practice. 2014;(8),8.