Miami-based, board-certified plastic surgeon Leonard Hochstein, MD—dubbed “The Boob God”—has launched a scholarship for aspiring plastic surgeons. To Hochstein, it’s a way to give back to the field that has served him. “This scholarship is my way of helping others achieve their dreams and goals,” he says.

Hochstein adds that the high cost of medical school is making scholorships like this more important than ever. “The cost of medical school has gotten so high that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to be able to afford it,” he says. “This scholarship will help alleviate some of the financial burdens for those who want to pursue a career in plastic surgery.”

Apart from the importance of medical scholarships, Hochstein also speaks about the recognition associated with the young doctors who will be eligible for the scholarship because he knows “first-hand how much of a difference plastic surgery can make in someone’s life.” He says that it is an honor to be able to impact someone’s life in such a positive way and he is looking forward to awarding the scholarships to a very deserving student.