The “You Deserve Better, You Deserve Sciton” advertising series aims to illustrate the company’s industry advantage in the marketplace, according to the company.

Sciton Inc, launches a new advertising series “You Deserve Better, You Deserve Sciton” to coincide with the holiday season.

Fall and winter are traditionally the best time of year to undergo aesthetic laser treatments due to less time spent in the sun and more time spent indoors. Sciton capitalizes on this with a robust ad campaign that reaches consumers where they are spending the most of their time during quarantine: on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn.

According to the company, the series of five ads launched on Black Friday will run through the spring season with a focus on Sciton’s competitive advantage of faster, more comfortable treatments, and superior technologies crafted in the USA.

“Sciton is no longer the industry’s best kept secret,” shares Lacee J. Naik, vice president of marketing and public relations. “We are the physicians’ choice and deliver the results patients desire.”

Prominently featured in the ads is Sciton’s newest mJOULE platform, a pulsed light based technology. Sciton’s breakthrough device houses two treatments including BBL HERO and MOXI.

Redefining “lunchtime treatments”, MOXI is for active people who do not have time for downtime. The treatment is manufactured to improve the initial signs of sun damage and aging by fixing uneven pigmentation and improving the general tone and texture of skin in just one 20 minute treatment.

Touted as “the most significant advance in pulsed broad-spectrum light in 20 years”, according to reports, BBL HERO is designed to treat the entire body with Forever Young BBL+ and Forever Body for dramatic tonal and textural improvements anywhere on the body in a quarter of the time.

“It is time to let the industry know who Sciton really is,” states Aaron Burton, Sciton’s chief executive officer. “We aren’t afraid to swim against the current. We take the time to innovate and bring the best products to market, while using our craftsmanship to build systems that last. The result is a long-lasting partnership that results in a win-win for the patients and practices.”

Robb Brindley, vice president of sales, North America, says: “With eight consecutive growth years under our belts, Sciton is ready to take the aesthetic industry by storm. Sciton invests in its technology and people with an unwavering commitment to reliable quality and customer care.”