At the ASAPS meeting this week, the hype and colorfulness of the exhibits at the San Diego Convention Center was on the surface, but many attendees were muttering about the US economy and that overall business has been down so far in 2008.

There was optimism on the show floor in the exhibits — for example, Sciton's Revolutionary War-themed booth, featuring company marketing staff dressed like George and Martha Washington.


The company is pushing an upgrade to its Profractional laser, called Profractional XC, which I also saw at this year's AAD meeting; and its offer of lowering the cost of its aftersale products and support.

More buzz on the show floor: The proliferation of laser- and light-based devices, from the hugest CO2 fractional type to handheld devices that use RF energy or ultrasound — some of which are intended for home use. Not all companies involved are 100% FDA-approved. From what I could tell, all of the laser companies are making improvemenst to their products and also on the hunt for new markets outside of the plastic surgery space.

For some of the new products at the meeting, check out the Le Roche-Posay and Benev booths.
Benev has released three new growth factor complex serums. Growth Factor Rejuvenating Complex, Growth Factor Brightening Complex,Growth Factor Body Care Complex.

These serums are designed for use with electroporation, inotophoresis, and transdermal delivery systems that include topical applications, so that the complexes penetrate the skin deeply.

La Roche-Posay's new product, Anthelios 40 sunscreen, is a newly FDA-approved product for outdoot use. It boasts the highest UVA and UVB protection available in a sunscreen with Mexoryl SX. The company notes the product has been tested for safety on special groups, including those with photosensitive skin.

Finally, what is being shown in this photo?

What is it?