A former publisher once told me that he preferred (actually, insisted) that my editor’s message focus on the issues, not the issue. At first I balked, but later I came to realize that in this dynamic industry, there is almost always something fresh and provocative to write about—whether the breast implant scandal that rocked Europe; Valeant’s contentious bid to take over Allergan; or even former Olympian Bruce Jenner’s journey to become, as the media alleges, a woman named Bridgitte.

For these reasons, I have been remiss at explaining some of the changes that have taken place at PSP in recent months. In sticking with the theme of change advanced in the cover story as well as in this month’s “10 Things,” I decided it’s a good time to tell you about the plethora of new columns and features that you’ll be seeing in PSP in 2015. Here goes:


We partnered with RealSelf to provide our readers with real-time exclusive data on trends in plastic surgery. These revealing insights will help you better understand what your patients want, expect, and value. “We’re excited to collaborate with PSP to share insights into the changing wants, perspectives, and needs of aesthetics consumers,” adds RealSelf founder and CEO, Tom Seery. We think you will find this feature “Worth It.

“Behind the Scenes”

Sponsored by CareCredit, “Behind the Scenes,” profiles an exceptional practice manager each month. The editorial staff is solely responsible for choosing and vetting candidates. Submissions and pitches are strongly welcomed.

PSP‘s Master Class”

This new feature will appear in several issues per year. In “Master Class,” readers will have the opportunity to learn about the industry icons as they open up about their life, career, vision, and legacy.

“Social Studies with Wendy Lewis”

Industry vet Wendy Lewis has been one of the star contributors at PSP since before I took over as editor. Each month, Lewis will be sharing practical tips on how to maximize your practice’s presence on social media. She has a passion and a feel for this medium that is obvious if you have ever heard her speak on the topic.

Don’t worry. Reader favorites such as “The Edge with David Evans;” “The Shorr Thing with Jay Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-VI;” “10 Things;” and “Hot Stuff” will stand as set.

But these are not the only changes at PSP magazine. We are also excited to have a new associate editor, Barri Segal. Based in Los Angeles, Segal has a wealth of editorial experience and is a deft proofreader (which means she is great at catching my typos—and I am the queen of typos). We also have a new publisher—Jodi Smith.

While we all miss former publisher Carla Lira, who helped put PSP on the map, Smith brings years of experience at some of the top peer-reviewed journals to the table. She is a huge asset, and her think-outside-of-the-box ideas are helping to shape this brand. It seems that our VP of marketing and media strategy, Roger Buckley, has the Midas touch when it comes to hires.

Let us know what you think of the new and improved PSP. We love hearing from readers.