Smith Social Company is launching a beta program for doctors in private practice focused on building a social media strategy to engage new patients. The 3-month program is aimed at plastic surgery practices that have a staff member currently managing the practice’s social media accounts and that want to offer additional growth opportunities to those staff members to boost retention and engagement. Program participants should want to grow their practice without outsourcing to an agency. 

As Andrea Smith, founder of Smith Social Company, put it in a press release, “By far, the most common problem we come across in physician media marketing is that offices don’t want to invest in the cost of a full done-for-you package, but also need help and assistance with their social media to help their practice grow. Or, they’ve been burned by an agency and are nervous to get involved with one again.” 

Described as a “middle ground solution,” this 3-month beta program provides participants with 30 story templates per month, 30 post graphics per month, and 30 caption templates per month. In addition, they will receive one blog template per month and reel content ideas with current trending audio. 

Participants will also have access to social media training, which includes topics such as SEO, email marketing, blog writing, analytics, graphic design, and copywriting. Smith Social Company will provide a monthly content calendar that outlines exactly what program participants should be posting, as well as information on how and why they are posting. 

Plastic surgery practices that sign up for the beta program will also have support from the company’s team, which includes a Master’s level graphic designer, copywriter, and strategist, plus the practice’s account manager. 

The company is offering a free social media audit to those practices that call to discuss being apart of the beta program. 

According to the company, pricing is $697 per month for the beta launch and will be $997 per month for the official launch.