Search engine optimization (SEO) can make or break a plastic surgery practice. If you do not rank organically, you will not have a steady clientele of patients. No advertising campaign can make up for a poor SEO strategy. Investing in SEO is essentially investing in your business. Here, personnel from plastic surgery marketing agency realdrseattle answer the question, “What is plastic surgery SEO?”

Plastic surgery SEO uses specific keywords and strategies to rank higher organically on search engines utilizing both on-page and off-page techniques. SEO techniques primarily use your content, links, and photos with geo-targeting to improve the plastic surgery rankings. Here are a few tips for improving your plastic surgery SEO to rank your site higher on Google.

No.1 SEO Tip: Improve Load Speed

When your website loads slowly, this affects your search rankings because it increases the bounce rate. Bounce rate is one metric Google uses to identify the authority of your site.  A high bounce rate causes your website to lose SEO authority. Thus, check how quickly your site loads on average and make optimizations like scaling down photos so that your website loads within one and three seconds.

No.2 Tip: Time On Page

The amount of time a visitor spends on your website helps Google determine how engaging your website is. To increase time on page, you should provide engaging written content that answers actual questions visitors have searched. Engagement tools such as Price Simulator also can help keep visitors on your website longer because they are interacting with it.

No 3. Tip: Mobile Optimization

Most web searches now take place from a mobile device. Thus, if your website is only optimized and designed for desktops, you are missing out on most of your leads. Optimizing every part of your digital marketing strategy to mobile devices will help you reach more people. Google assigns your website a mobile and desktop optimization score. For the best success, both optimization scores should be in the high nineties.