In the world of aesthetic practices, profit is essential for long-term success. Profit is the foundation that allows practices to expand and provide even better services to their patients. But practices that only offer procedures are missing the other half of the solution—skin care products.

Retail can really help you optimize the relationship that you have with the patient and the value of each patient,” said Kaeli Lindholm, Founder and CEO of KLC Consulting, a leadership coaching company that teaches aesthetic practice owners how to grow their business. 

A survey by New Beauty Magazine on the state of aesthetics reported that 80% of people surveyed are likely to very likely to buy skin care products recommended by their physician after an in-office skin procedure.

By incorporating retail skin care into their offerings, physicians can boost profitability by as much as 20%. This strategy allows practices to increase their revenue streams, enhance patient outcomes, and establish long-term relationships.

“If you’re just relying on surgical/cosmetic procedures for profit and results, you and your patients are missing out,” said Stuart Mohr, Vice President of Marketing and Clinical for Jan Marini Skin Research, Inc., San Jose, CA. 

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD, owner of Rochester Dermatologic Surgery, in Victor, NY, emphasizes that retail skin care provides a way for the office to enhance results and continue generating revenue in-between laser treatments, because they keep coming back for the product.  

“Not only are we getting better results faster by combining Jan Marini Skin Research homecare solutions with services, we’re also driving revenue production in the practice considerably,” said Ibrahim. “And so, the profit per laser treatment really goes much higher when we’re packaging products with the laser.”

“Nearly every aesthetic patient is already spending on skin care but they’re likely spending it with someone else and not getting the results that they could achieve combing office services with solutions available to you in your office .” Mohr said.

Every office visit presents an opportunity to enhance results, expand value, and bring in additional profit. After all, the majority of patients are looking for a complete improvement, and no single service can address all areas of facial aging. For example, if a patient is asking for Botox® (REFERENCE), a practice could sell them full facial rejuvenation, including Botox plus a laser treatment and skin care.

Making skin care part of the total service enhances everything else that’s being done in the practice. To not offer daily at-home skin care solutions targeted to the patient’s concern is akin to a dentist saying ‘we’ve cleaned your teeth, but don’t bother brushing your teeth at home with a fluoride-containing toothpaste,’ according to Mohr.

By bundling skincare with procedures, practices can create proprietary treatment bundles that not only improve patient outcomes and satisfaction but also increase office revenue and profitability.

Skin care products like those offered by Jan Marini Skin Research enhance and protect the results of their treatments, but they also contribute to creating a long-term relationship between the patient and the practice that extends beyond what may be a one-and-done procedure.

Furthermore, skin care is a great way to keep patients are not yet ready for a surgical or invasive procedure engaged. “Skin care can serve as the bridge into other services in your practice with more frequent visits and more overall engagement,” Mohr said. “Make sure patients know about all of the things you offer to achieve the results they’re looking for and create a comprehensive plan that includes both in office and at home solutions now and into the future.”

Retail skin care allows practices to create additional profit potential for every procedure, nurture long-term relationships that yield more business, and reinvest profit into the business to grow. By incorporating professional skin care solutions like Jan Marini Skin Research into their practice, offices have more to solutions to offer patients who are seeking the best possible solutions to address their skin concerns.

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