Below, Babak Azizzadeh, MD, chairman and director of the Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Calif., offers his expert predictions on aesthetic trends that will continue, emerge, or phase out in 2024. Here are seven plastic surgery trends to watch, he says.

1. Continued Focus on Aesthetic Maintenance

Aesthetic maintenance, a key aspect of contemporary beauty regimes, will maintain its importance. According to Azizzadeh, “In 2024, the emphasis on aesthetic maintenance signifies a deeper understanding of long-term beauty strategies. It’s not just about enhancement but preserving and accentuating natural beauty.”

2. Buccal Fat Pad Craze to Calm Down

The recent surge in the popularity of buccal fat pad removal is expected to stabilize. Azizzadeh believes that while it will remain a choice for some, the craze will subside as individuals seek more balanced and natural facial contours with less risk.

3. Strategic Use of Fillers

The use of dermal fillers will evolve, becoming more strategic and tailored, Azizzadeh predicts. “2024 will witness a shift towards a more judicious and artistic use of fillers, moving away from over-enhancement to subtle, natural-looking results,” says Azizzadeh.

4. Rise of Deep Plane Facelifts

Deep plane facelifts, known for their natural and long-lasting results, will continue to gain traction. This technique, which addresses deeper facial structures, offers a more comprehensive and durable solution to facial aging. Additionally, with the rising use of Ozempic, Mounjaro, and other GLP-1 agonists, more people will require surgery to address the loose skin resulting from “Ozempic Face.”

5. Lip Lifts Gaining Popularity

The lip lift, a procedure that shortens the space between the nose and the upper lip to enhance the lip’s shape and fullness, will continue to grow in popularity. This trend reflects the ongoing preference for well-defined yet natural-looking lips.

6. Dominance of Toxins like Daxxy and Botox

Noninvasive treatments, particularly the use of toxins such as Daxxify and Botox, will continue to dominate the market, says Azizzadeh. These treatments offer effective, albeit temporary, solutions for a variety of aesthetic concerns with minimal risk and downtime.

7. ‘High Maintenance for Low Maintenance’

Azizzadeh believes that 2024 will be marked by the trend of “high maintenance to be low maintenance.” This reflects a move toward treatments that require an initial effort but lead to a lasting, effortlessly natural look. “The natural beauty look is definitely in,” Azizzadeh says. “With a plethora of options in plastic surgery, it is imperative for individuals to understand the best options available and stay informed about fading trends.”