The Aesthetic Society released ‘Beyond the Before & After,’ a four-part series documenting the transformative journey and life after plastic surgery. This docuseries, sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics, aims to tell unique patient stories from real people across America who have undergone aesthetic plastic surgery. 

“This film series goes beyond the surface to shine a light on the less told emotional journeys our patients go through before, during, and after plastic surgery,” says Melinda Haws, MD, communications commissioner of The Aesthetic Society. “This is our opportunity to change the conversation around aesthetic plastic surgery and demonstrate that our goal is more than physical changes, it’s to change lives.”

According to The Aesthetic Society, the debut series seeks to provoke a new understanding of how aesthetic plastic surgery positively impacts people’s lives, beyond the superficial. In this series, The Aesthetic Society gives patients the platform to tell their untold stories of how plastic surgery helped transform their lives, not just physically but emotionally.

“Patients undergo aesthetic procedures for a variety of reasons and the patient/physician relationship plays a critical role in empowering their confidence for the desired outcome,” said Carrie Strom, President, Global Allergan Aesthetics and SVP, AbbVie.”The Aesthetic Society does an incredible job of looking into the lives of patients with this series and we are proud to be their partner.”

Beyond the Before & After features four stories—a single mom’s journey with weight loss and self-love, a trans non-binary person’s story of self-discovery and acceptance, a breast surgery patient’s journey and a father’s pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle. With the help of Aesthetic Society member surgeons, each patient shares their journey from initial consultation, surgery, and the discovery of self-acceptance.

Beyond the Before & After was filmed on location in each patient’s city, spanning from Oregon to Illinois, and produced by Laura Leatherberry, creative consultant and Greenpoint Pictures, an award-winning Brooklyn production studio. According to The Aesthetic Society, director E.J. McLeavey-Fisher approached each patient’s story with great compassion, capturing the intimate and relatable portraits of each patient’s journey with aesthetic plastic surgery.

“I finally feel good about how I look, and more importantly, who I am,” said Colby Quinn, abdominoplasty and gynecomastia patient. “I am a better role model for my son. Now, I enjoy every day.” 

The full docuseries is available to view by visiting The Aesthetic Society website