Ivivi Technologies announces that in a placebo-controlled clinical study, its pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) technique showed an 80% acceleration in pain relief after breast-augmentation surgery.

“This study reinforces our clinical data that shows the ability of our technology to enhance postsurgical pain management,” says André DiMino, co-CEO of Ivivi Technologies. “Since the publication of the American Heart Association Guidelines urging restricted use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the need for nonpharmacological pain control has become critical for a large population of patients.”

In the study, one group of patients wore active units that delivered PEMF therapy on both breasts for 30 minutes on a regular basis. The second group wore placebo units on each breast. The cumulative daily pain measurements were plotted for each group and the slope of the group receiving treatment was compared to that of the placebo group. The patients were assessed for postoperative pain twice a day, beginning 3 to 5 hours after breast-augmentation surgery and continuing for 8 days.

The results showed that cumulative daily pain in patients receiving therapy with the PEMF unit decreased approximately 80% faster than the pain suffered by those in the placebo group.

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