Cytori Therapeutics Inc (San Diego) this week announced the launch of PureGraft 250, a new fat grafting technology that "standardizes the graft preparation process for use in aesthetic body contouring," according to a recent company press release.

PureGraft makes its debut at this week’s meeting of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) in Washington DC.

"PureGraft is a game-changer in the world of fat grafting," says San Diego-based plastic surgeon Steven Cohen, MD. "The system offers high speed and sterile preparation of a viable and functional fat graft that is ready to inject, and takes a third of the time to prepare three times the graft."

Until now, fat grafting methods and results varied widely among practitioners. Common complications included skin irregularities, contour defects, prolonged bruising and swelling, excessive resorption as well as inconsistent outcomes.

The PureGraft System sets a new standard for fat graft processing due to its speed, simplicity, safety, and precision, according to the company. "The ease of use and simplicity of this innovative system sets it apart from other fat grafting methods. As a result, processing takes only 15 minutes from fat extraction to delivery, irrespective of volume. The volumes that can be processed range from 50 to 250 mL.

"The PureGraft technology enables the physician to purify a fat graft and remove excess ‘graft fluid’ in a controllable manner on the sterile field. This is accomplished without centrifugation or other motorized methods. The fat is added to the system and 15 minutes later, free lipid, blood cells, infusion chemicals and excess fluid are removed. PureGraft technology ‘dialyzes’ off everything but the pure fat tissue." That was part of the news release broadcast in advance of the ASAPS roll-out.

[Source: Cytori Therapeutics Inc]