Over at MedicalSpaMD, LAskindoc posted a forum thread on a perceived trend in stock market prices of laser hardware companies.

After tracking the ticker prices for Cutera, Thermage, Syneron, and Medicis for the past 12 months, LAskindoc writes that the stock in these companies has lost quite a bit of value — anywhere from 20% to 60%.

Cutera: $9.95 down from $25.60 per share 12 months ago
Syneron: $17 down from $26.04 per share 12 months ago
Thermage: $3.17 down from $7.50 per share 12 months ago
Medicis: $23.92 down from $32.32 per share 12 months ago

Anyone here worried about the future of cosmetic medicine? The laser companies are not selling as many machines because the end users are seeing fewer fee for service clients willing to pay the big bucks for the next generation laser treatments offered by the leading laser manufacturers?

Darn, those are good questions. The laser market is suffering due to more supply than demand. How are Reliant and other purveyors of the new CO2-based fractional technology doing financially? Are they selling overstock into a market that is going soft? 

The rest of the story and reader comments can be found here.