Aestheia Imaging introduces XTHEIA, an interactive hologram display toting a Virtual Consult Assistant for medical office waiting rooms. It was unveiled at The Aesthetic Meeting, held recently in New Orleans.

Aestheia’s launch poses a resolution to poor patient awareness; an underserved focal point of product education in the aesthetics industry, according to Aestheia Imaging, a hologram content management and advertising subscription company, in a media release.

The connected holographic media platform is designed to story map the patient journey to brand and product education. Through the research and development of Aestheia’s Medical Advisory Group, holographic before-and-afters are available to patients so they can see preoperative and postoperative procedure outcomes in true 3D, not previously available in the space.

XTHEIA features a fully automated and comprehensive holographic playlist for physician waiting rooms tethered to a cloud-based solution developed by the company’s management team. Via a customer facing iPad Pro application, a physician can remote control the device offering an in-app camera for patient photos, the release explains.

Aestheia Imaging is led by Austin JM Podowski, CEO, and Dallas Healthcare Business Tech executives Mike McDonald, president, and Paul Herchman, advisory board member. Plastic surgeon and photographer Dr Barry DiBernardo of New Jersey Plastic Surgery leads the company’s medical advisory board and will continue to work to enhance upon the application.

“We are dedicated to providing novel and groundbreaking product innovation for the entire aesthetic community,” McDonald comments.

“We are changing the way medical companies and physicians communicate with their customers and patients.  The ALEXA of Aesthetics is now in the room,” Podowski states, adding, “The response received at ASAPS The Aesthetic Meeting affirms that our vision and product meet a need and resuscitate a lost connection with the consumer.”

[Source(s): Aestheia Imaging, PR Newswire]