Dive deep into the world of skincare excellence through Jan Marini’s exclusive physician webinar series.

  • Enter the world of skincare with Dr. Hughes and Rose Gibson as they unveil the secrets behind a radiant complexion. This transcript from our exclusive physician webinar series underscores the paramount importance of skincare in medical practice. Dr. Hughes, a renowned figure in the field, champions the use of essentials like sunscreen, glycolic wash, retinol, vitamin C, and moisturizers.
  • But it’s not just about products; it’s about education. The duo emphasizes the significance of training staff and crafting personalized skincare cards for patients, ensuring a tailored experience for every individual. Their collaboration with the prestigious Jan Marini Skin Research is a testament to their commitment to excellence. This partnership has not only yielded a robust skincare management system but also fostered an environment of trust and support.

Exclusive Treatments & Products 

  • From cutting-edge treatments like pulse light and diamond glow to innovative products like enzymatic washes and corrective hand complexes, Dr. Hughes and Rose are at the forefront of skincare evolution. Their holistic approach, which marries skincare with specialized procedures, promises unparalleled results.
The insights you need to transform your practice are just a click away. Access this exclusive webinar and unlock the secrets of patient-centric care and effective skincare. This is your chance to learn from those who’ve walked the path and emerged victorious. Begin your journey to success today. Access the webinar now.
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