Practice management data identifies the top five surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed in the gender identity and age categories.

The Aesthetic Society released its annual Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Statistics for 2020 compiled using the Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN) data. Partnering with Ronan Solutions ANN connects directly to participating Aesthetic Society member plastic surgeons’ practice management systems, retrieving real-time, de-identified, billing data. According to the Society, the data is reviewed and mapped by subject matter experts to generate a dynamic, comprehensive, longitudinal, valid, and reliable repository of procedural and billing data.

ANN data for last year demonstrates that aesthetic plastic surgery persisted in popularity even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdown restrictions eased for non-essential services, many surgeons began seeing an influx of patients seeking aesthetic plastic surgery. In 2020, ANN data reports a total revenue of over $9 billion spent on aesthetic plastic surgery.

“The year 2020 was a unique year to say the least. We believe there were several factors that came together to drive aesthetic surgery even during the pandemic— the boom in video calls and more opportunity for discreet downtime. Utilizing ANN data helps us better represent the specialty of aesthetic plastic surgery, especially in a year wrought with uncertainty,” explains Herluf G. Lund Jr, MD, FACS, president of The Aesthetic Society. “ANN allows us to leverage real-time data coming directly from practices,” he explains.

Surgical procedures topping the list for 2020 included liposuction, breast augmentation, and abdominoplasty. Neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and skin treatments like chemical peels, made up the top procedures in the nonsurgical category.

The data also identifies the top five surgical and nonsurgical procedures performed by board-certified U.S. plastic surgeons in the gender identity and age categories as follows:

Top Surgical Procedures (Women):

  • liposuction: 197,984
  • breast augmentation: 185,957
  • abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): 116,991
  • removal/replacement – breast implants: 86,255
  • mastopexy (breast lift): 80,033

Top Surgical Procedures (Men):

  • liposuction: 11,588
  • gynecomastia: 8,853
  • blepharoplasty: 7,893
  • rhinoplasty: 7,475
  • abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): 3,591

Top Surgical Procedure by Age:

  • 17-35: breast augmentation, 127,431
  • 36-50: liposuction, 140,105
  • 51-70: liposuction, 65,041
  • 70+: facelift, 8,101

[Source: The Aesthetic Society]