New research highlights the ideal angle for achieving optimal facelift results.

According to the study, the “Angle of Maximal Rejuvenation” is characterized by the greatest reduction of laxity and joweling, without flattening the midface, creating bunching or pleats. For example, among patients with a mean age of 60, the maximal angle is 60 degrees. Additionally, this angle inversely correlates to the age of a patient. The findings are published in September 2012 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

“The discovery of the ‘Angle of Maximal Rejuvenation’ is another step towards perfecting facelifting techniques,” says study author Andrew Jacono, MD, a New York City facial plastic surgeon. “By using this technique, results achieve an individual, customized look based on the patient’s face shape and age, giving the most youthful, natural appearance.”

Results of the “Angle of Maximal Rejuvenation” keep with the Golden Proportion, a ratio which artists have used for more than two thousand years in creating beauty and symmetry.