Transgender patients who receive sex reassignment surgery with dermatologic intervention had an increase in quality of life, according to a poster presented at the American Academy of Dermatology virtual meeting.

Sixty male-to-female transgender patients were evaluated for dermatologic, psychosexual, hormonal and aesthetic trends before and after sex reassignment surgery.

The Dermatology Life Quality Index score improved by 39% for post-surgery patients.

Laser hair removal of beard and mustache demonstrated significant improvement, as did aesthetic techniques for breast augmentation and chemical peels.

“Transgenders have gender identity different from their assigned sex,” the study authors write. “Dermatologists have a great impact on the lives of transgender patients before and after their transition.”

The authors note that there were no previous studies in the literature examining the effect of dermatology on patients undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

[Source: Healio Dermatology]