The study utilizing technology from Puregraft LLC, led by Professor Marcos Sforza (United Kingdom) and co-workers, used fat transfer to the breast to correct deformities and asymmetries following breast augmentation surgery.

The authors of the study found an average of 72% of the 280 cc of the transferred Puregraft processed fat remained 1 year postoperatively. This accompanied a patient satisfaction rate of “excellent” in 83% of cases. As a result, the authors concluded that use of the Puregraft technology is predictable and reproducible.

“Our work demonstrates that new technology can now make larger breasts using your own fat in a predictable and efficient way,” says Sforza in a media release from San Diego-based Puregraft LLC. “Fat transfer in breast-enlargement surgery is the future, and how you treat the fat, in my mind, plays a role in achieving excellent results for patients.”

Using the Puregraft family of products, physicians can have access to a patient’s own purified, high-quality fat tissue for aesthetic body contouring, according to the release.

“We believe this data reinforces what we already know—Puregraft offers both patients and physicians a reliable method for fat transfer,” says Bradford Conlan, CEO of Puregraft, in the release.

[Source(s): Puregraft LLC, PR Newswire]