A study just published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery details the superior results of facial fat grafting and specifically addresses the value of fat transfer under the eyes to correct a "hollowed out" appearance.

The doctor’s premise is that many of the new patients that they have seen have either had some problems with injectable fillers (reactions, unsatisfactory results or the "showing through" of the fillers under thin skin ) and/or that they’d like to have something more permanent done. Cost is also a factor, as most fillers will require a "re-do" within several months, at most within a year.

The doctors use a technique of micro- injections of fat using a small cannula- the technique allows a higher percentage of the transferred fat to "take" and to develop a blood supply. Consequently, they achieve long-term correction of the hollowed-out areas (meaning years, not months) and they require just one treatment.


[Source: JAMA]