The majority of generation Y’ers would change something about their body if they could, according to a new international survey by Insite Consulting.

More than 88% of girls and 73% of boys aged 15 to 25 from 16 countries said they would change something related to their appearance. The body parts that girls are least happy with are their abdomen (46%), thighs (29%), buttocks (19%) and breasts (18%).

Boys would love to improve their abs and muscles (18%), chest, mouth and cheeks (14%), the new survey showed.

Girls in the US are proudest of eyes, hair and breasts. Only 7% are proud of their entire body. In China and India, young women attach less importance to their abdomen and breasts and more to their skin, eyes, and hair. In Brazil, girls focus less on their thighs and pay more attention to their abdomen and breasts.

Overall, about 23% of girls and 16% of boys would consider plastic surgery. This number is much higher in Brazil, where about half the young women and 34% of young men in Brazil would consider cosmetic surgery.

The survey included 4,065 respondents aged 15 to 25 from the US, Brazil, Russia, India, China, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium.