A study conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) and Dermik Laboratories reports the influencers that impact a woman’s decision when considering medical anti-aging treatments.

The study surveyed women ages 35 to 69 who’ve considered a medical anti-aging treatment, as well as patients who have had fillers or injectable procedures. According to the study, the top three factors that influence a woman’s decision to either move forward or decline a medical anti-aging treatment, such as injectables are:

• Physician Training and Expertise—95% of women considering a treatment ranked a physician’s training and experience with the procedure or product as most important compared with other factors, such as how the product works or how quickly results appear;

• Gradual Results that Last 2 Years—89% of women preferred gradual results lasting 2 years over immediate results lasting 6 months. In addition, 75% of women preferred gradual results lasting 2 years versus 25% who preferred immediate results lasting 1 year; and

• Information from Physician and Web sites—99% of women receive information about medical anti-aging treatments from health care providers or health and medical Web sites. When making a final decision, a woman’s doctor was cited as the best source of information.

“These findings illustrate a positive trend toward more consumers being educated about procedures before moving forward with any type of cosmetic treatment. Women are not willing to sacrifice the safety or quality of their procedures,” says Susan Weinkle, MD, member of the ASDS. “Anti-aging treatments are medical procedures and should be approached as such. For this reason, the ASDS has made a concerted effort over the past few years to educate the public about the importance of conducting research to identify a qualified and properly trained practitioner to ensure a safe and optimal treatment outcome. Our patient’s safety is our main concern, so we are pleased to see that these messages are being heard.”

[Source: American Society for Dermatologic Surgery]