Amid recent speculation that Allergan is a buy-out candidate for Glaxo and a few other companies, a close look at the firm's recent earnings report reveals a piece of interesting news; namely, that Allergan believes it may have a cure for baldness in the form of Latisse/Lumigan, its glaucoma drug slash eyelash enhancer.

BNET Pharma reported on Allergan’s Q2 2009 conference call and quoted from the firm's R&D executive veep Scott Whitcup:

"We’re in the midst of looking at a number of [selections] by Bimatoprost [the chemical name for Latisse and Lumigan] for hair growth on the scalp. Unlike Lumigan for glaucoma, we don’t have the eight years plus of clinical trials data so we’re sort of starting from scratch. It’s a little too early to give you the final timeline but we are working as quickly as we can to get a formulation, get the pre-clinical work done and into the clinic and we’ll update you as soon as we have more from timeline."

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