BoomerangFX, an international cloud-based SaaS provider of end-to-end practice management solutions for non-insured, private-pay healthcare segments including dermatology, cosmetic surgery, medical spa, cosmetic dentistry, vision care, and women’s health, announced today that it has partnered with the health technology company DrFirst to offer clients a unified medication management platform, or e-prescribing, designed to maximize clinical workflows and patient engagement.

Research suggests that aesthetic medicine is experiencing an explosion in consumer adoption and is proving to be increasingly recession resilient. And as practitioners seek to meet the growing demand for aesthetic medical procedures, the company points out that practitioners need access to secure tools that comply with requirements for electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) and state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs). To that end, the integration of DrFirst’s Rcopia in the BoomerangFX practice management workflows reportedly accelerates and streamlines the prescribing process while giving physicians access to medication history and drug interaction warnings to mitigate errors.

To promote better patient adherence to prescribed medications, BoomerangFX’s practice management and digital marketing software platform also will integrate DrFirst’s RxInform to automatically trigger a secure message to patients after their physician sends an electronic prescription to the pharmacy. From the RxInform message, patients can view their prescriptions, pharmacy location, educational materials, and savings options.

“We are thrilled to incorporate DrFirst’s medication management solutions into our industry-leading practice management platform,” said Jerome Dwight, CEO and co-founder of BoomerangFX. “At BoomerangFX, we’re constantly seeking innovative ways to bolster the performance and profitability of our clients. The integration of DrFirst’s medication management tools further bolsters our mission to serve as the foundational global platform for aesthetic medicine – healthcare is in need of digital transformation and many of our latest innovations in patient workflow automation, AI-driven digital marketing and retention marketing are designed to radically boost growth and transform a clinic’s operations.”

“We are pleased to partner with BoomerangFX,” said G. Cameron Deemer, CEO of DrFirst. “Clinicians need intelligent solutions for safe and efficient e-prescribing, as well as tools that help patients take their medications as prescribed.”

Dwight further commented, “BoomerangFX has been at the forefront of modernizing outdated clinic operations—many of our recent product releases continue to reshape this evolving industry—for example, our virtual digital assistant  ‘Auviya’ was the first of its kind to take the guesswork away from operational decision-making for clinic managers; our patient retention tools allows clinics to run fully automated intelligent patient acquisition campaigns; our email and text automation tools offer clinics ‘hands-free’ strategies to connect with prospective patient leads on platforms like Google and Facebook—ultimately our ongoing investments in Artificial Intelligence leveraging our cloud-based data lakes will allow us to bring radical changes to private healthcare practices globally.”

In 2022, BoomerangFX announced the launch of a fully integrated lead management dashboard inside a practice management system to allow clinic owners to monitor new patient leads and respond using a variety of automated and digital tools. 

The company’s cloud-based solutions for practice management, digital marketing and eLearning service clients across the USA, Canada, Australia with plans to expand into the United Kingdom, Asia and Latin America. 

The announcement comes on the heels of BoomerangFX’s recent partnership with Stripe for integrated point-of-sale payments globally.