Apyx Medical Corp., the manufacturer of a proprietary helium plasma and radiofrequency technology marketed and sold as Renuvion, announces the launch of its latest-generation Renuvion generator, the Apyx One Console, in the United States. The Apyx One Console is a multifunctional generator incorporating a three-in-one energy system that enables plastic and cosmetic surgeons to utilize Renuvion technology, together with full monopolar and bipolar energy. 

Key features of the Apyx One Console include adaptive touch screens, procedural presets by body part, cloud connectivity, data-sharing and logging, remote upgrade capabilities and system diagnostics, and an advanced gas system that measures and monitors gas volume and usage.

Four years in the making, the design, development, and testing of the Apyx One Console was led by the company’s product development team, who collaborated with the following physicians to guide and validate the product design and usability requirements: John Frederick, MD; Michael Kluska, DO; Adam Rubinstein, MD, FACS; and Drew Schnitt, MD.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Apyx One Console, which is in keeping with our commitment to developing industry-leading, customer-focused products for use by our physicians,” says Apyx President and CEO Charlie Goodwin. “This next-generation Renuvion generator features a variety of improvements to enhance the overall user experience and is designed to support both prior and future generations of our Renuvion handpieces.”

The full system is available to physicians throughout the U.S. and comes with a four-year warranty. Moreover, an upgrade program is available for current Apyx customers who would like to exchange their current system for the new Apyx One Console.