Reliant Technologies has received FDA clearance for its Fraxel re:fine™ laser system. The system has been approved for treating pigmentation, for evening out skin texture, and for reducing periorbital fine lines, with limited pain and downtime.

“The approval of Fraxel re:fine treatment reinforces Reliant’s commitment to developing and marketing innovative treatments for patients of every skin type,” says Eric Stang, president and CEO of Reliant Technologies. “The Fraxel re:fine system is the best option for clinicians who want a mild yet effective treatment option for their patients interested in tone, texture, and pigmentation refinement, along with the safety, ease of use, and predictable results found in all Fraxel products.”

Zakia Rahman, MD, clinical instructor of dermatology at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, Calif, and medical director of the Fraxel Laser Clinic, has performed more than 100 procedures using the system. According to Rahman, the laser is effective in rejuvenating the skin by combining an absorbed laser wavelength with the Fraxel fractional delivery method.

[Businesswire, May 7, 2007]