Biodermis, a provider of mastectomy-specific scar care products, now offers Mia prosthetic breast forms in two distinct shapes: Mia Anatomical, and Mia Triangular.

Mia Anatomical has a teardrop shape, and is recommended for radical or complete mastectomy procedures, where all of the breast tissue has been removed. The tapered top may be positioned in any direction that provides an optimal fit. Mia Triangular is recommended for partial mastectomies, where only a portion of the breast tissue is removed. It is designed for correcting asymmetry issues resulting from the removal of only part of the breast.

Both the Mia Anatomical and Triangular breast forms are symmetrical, for use on either the right or left side. There are many cases were a mastectomy patient requires either a single prosthesis, or an anatomical shape for one side, and a triangular shape for the other side, notes a media release from Biodermis.

“Biodermis has been providing mastectomy-specific scar care products for nearly 30 years. With the addition of the Mia breast forms, we are now able to provide women with a complete post-surgical solution,” says Jeff Schleuning, PhD, partner, Biodermis, in the release.

The breast forms are available on the Biodermis website and on Amazon.

[Source(s): Biodermis, PRWeb]