Progenitor Biologics LLC launches the brand’s first cleanser: DefenAge Skincare 1-Step Multi-Cleanse with Natural Prebiotics.

The 1-Step Multi-Cleanse complements the brand’s anti-aging regimen, the Clinical Power Trio (encompassing a serum, barrier balance cream and masque).

The cleanser is formulated to melts away makeup, dirt, oil, surface debris and air pollution while hydrating the skin. The soap-free formula gently liquefies water-resistant eye makeup (even water-proof eyeliner and mascara) with ease while maintaining the integrity of the sensitive skin around the eye area. Natural prebiotics help stabilize the skin’s delicate ecology and maintain its protective barrier for skin that is soft, clean and comfortable, according to the company.

“The properties of the cleanser emphasize and complement DefenAge’s patent-pending technology, Age-Repair Defensins,” comments Progenitor Biologics’ CEO, Nikolay Turovets, PhD, in a media release. “Powerful Defensins reprogram the body to make skin visibly younger every day, the opposite of aging.”

The 1-Step Multi-Cleanse is infused with a special ingredient that stimulates the body’s own natural Defensins to unlock the skin’s potential to remain youthful. Among other benefits, the Defensins in DefenAge’s skin care regimen are proven to reduce visible wrinkles and pore size, improve skin tone and evenness, and visibly decrease skin oiliness.

DefenAge’s 1-Step Multi-Cleanse is free from parabens, dehydrating sulfates, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, irritating acids, phthalates, fragrance, animal- and human-derived ingredients and is not tested on animals.

[Source(s): DefenAge Skincare, PR Newswire]