Actress Kristin Davis is partnering with CoolSculpting as the partner of the “Denim Denial” consumer program and will share her personal Denim Denial story on her social media channels, according to a media release from Allergan.

Denim Denial recognizes that every woman has a pair of jeans on the top shelf of her closet or tucked away in a bottom drawer but is holding on to them with the goal of fitting into them again someday when she frees herself of that last bit of stubborn fat. As the face of the program, Davis joins CoolSculpting in its mission to inspire women across the country to learn more about personalized body contouring to achieve their own desired results, including fitting back into their favorite pair of denim.

“I’m excited to partner with CoolSculpting and help to banish Denim Denial. Jeans are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and every woman wants to look great in them,” Davis says, in the release. “I love that CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that targets and eliminates fat and takes as little as 35 minutes with little to no downtime.”

“We are honored to partner with Kristin Davis for our Denim Denial program this fall and have her share her personal CoolSculpting journey,” states Brent Hauser, vice president, sales and marketing, body contouring, Allergan. “With the help of Kristin Davis, CoolSculpting is setting out to educate women about freezing away fat and solve the universal struggle that we all face at one point or another, Denim Denial.”

[Source(s): Allergan, PR Newswire]