EON is a non-invasive laser fat reduction procedure that can reduce fat in problem areas with minimal discomfort.

EON is a non-invasive, no-skin-damage laser fat reduction procedure which uses touchless technology and robotic precision to reduce isolated pockets of fat. The U.S. FDA-cleared procedure delivers laser energy and cooling simultaneously for a comfortable experience, which is a big priority in patient care and expectations.

Johnny Franco, MD, owner of Austin Plastic Surgeon in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, uses this technology and recommends it. “EON is one of the newest devices in fat reduction,” says Franco. “It is unique in that it is a contactless laser that causes fat cell destruction without hurting or affecting the skin. After the cells are destroyed, they’re absorbed into the body over a six to eight weeks period.”

EON technology is suitable for patients that are in good physical health and already in shape with stubborn residual fat in concentrated places on the body. Patients can usually expect to see a 20% reduction over the next 6 to 8 weeks after the initial treatment.

“This procedure is fantastic for those with small, discrete areas they want to target that is still hanging around even though they maintain a good diet and exercise,” said Franco. “What’s important to understand is that this isn’t a weight-loss procedure in the traditional sense, it’s body contouring.”

Patients may opt to receive more than one treatment to see more results over time in the cumbersome spots that they want to shrink or eliminate.

There is little that patients need to do to prepare for their EON treatment. People can come in after a single consultation, either in person or via virtual consultation, and get the treatment in a short amount of time, depending on the surface size, and resume their day-to-day activities right away, according to Franco. in rare instances, some patients can experience a very mild degree of soreness in the treated area for about a day.

The lack of discomfort is another key feature of EON technology. It uses cooling jets to blow cold air onto the treated area to neutralize any feeling of heat from the laser, so most people don’t experience any pain or warm sensations during the procedure, according to Franco.

“The fact that this treatment is so effective and not invasive is a huge advantage,” said Franco. “I love it for a couple of areas that are actually difficult to treat with liposuction, like the banana rolls underneath the buttocks. It’s really a cool niche treatment for that area when traditional liposuction isn’t a good option.”

Photo courtesy of Austin Plastic Surgeon