We'll see how many actual new products appear at the AAD show, and I expect to see tons of samples for products new and old. A few of my female friends are expecting me to return home to Los Angeles with a bounty.

Syneron will preview two new technologies at the meeting. The Matrix RF applicator utilizes Bi-Polar Radio Frequency technology for skin rejuvenation treatments. The tunable applicator, which may be used on Syneron's eLight, eLaser and eMax platforms — quoting from a press release now, folks… yes,I'm not above that if it allows for me to do a little editorializing — anyway, the tunable applicator allows for the adjustment of ablation and coagulation settings to vary treatment depth and the proportion of skin treated in each session. A second new release, the VelaShape device for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite, as well as the only FDA-cleared device for the temporary reduction of thigh circumference. Read the rest [removed]here[/removed].

In other cellulite news, Elemé Medical Inc announced today that it will launch its first product, the SmoothShapes' System, at the meeting.

And Reliant Technologies has announced the [removed]Fraxel re:pair[/removed] laser, which the company claims is "a new class of treatment therapy for Co2 laser skin resurfacing." I would like to put a video of this product in action on the Plastic Surgery Channel. Where's the party?