Practice Profits Inc President Harvey Schmitt has more than 20 years’ experience in music, film, television, and radio production in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. He has a bachelor of arts degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock and a master of arts degree from Texas Women’s University in Denton, both in music.

Harvey’s background and experience allowed him to see the need for medical-marketing products that are sophisticated, compassionate, and tasteful. Practice Profits was incorporated in spring 2005 for the purpose of providing dynamic and effective patient-marketing resources that can generate increased profits for medical professionals.

What is your approach to patient communications?

Our strategy is to acknowledge personal emotions evoked by the patients’ problems, identify the essential reasons for their problems, and provide solutions. We present the material in intriguing ways that pique patient interest and provoke questions.

Our high-definition presentation, Your Best Side, is a customized and personalized DVD that continuously plays in physicians’ waiting areas. It informs, entertains, and promotes procedures they provide their patients.

Tell us more about this product.

We plan to release several new procedure videos in 2006. With each customized DVD, we include a 12-month warranty. During the first year, practitioners can upgrade their presentation to add new videos from our expanding library, as well as make modifications to reflect their changing practices. We can incorporate before-and-after photos, practice logos, and testimonials according to customers’ wishes.

Our mission is to keep clients satisfied by customizing our services and by staying on the cutting edge of a continually changing medical industry.

How is Your Best Side being received?

We receive frequent testimonials that tell our story best. One skin-center owner reports that, in addition to patients, vendors and other practitioners have responded well to her customized DVD. She runs the DVD all day, every day, in her lobby, and she has used it when making presentations. Patients who present for one procedure are interested in others after watching the DVD, she says. She believes that this is one investment that is paying off now and will continue to increase profits in the future.

The cosmetic coordinator in a dermatology practice tells us that after watching the DVD, many patients sign up for additional procedures and inquire about services they did not even know the practice offered. A practice administrator in another dermatology office says that the DVD has prompted patients to ask questions about procedures that ultimately led to additional profits for the practice. She feels that it is a very professional way to market to existing patients and to introduce and credential a practice to new patients.

What other products does Practice Profits offer? 

On our Web site,, you can review products such as customized in-office brochures and voice-on-hold messaging. We are developing new products for Web design, office DVD mailer demos, and professionally produced television commercials. PSP