MTF Biologics is expanding its offerings for plastic surgeons with the introduction of a practical solution for large-volume fat grafting designed for better graft survival: LipoGrafter. This easy-to-use technology offers surgeons a safe and efficient way to harvest a patient’s fat and deposit it in areas where the patient may be seeking to add volume.

A time-saving fat grafting solution, LipoGrafter facilitates both harvesting and depositing of autologous fat grafts with fewer connections for ease of assembly and use. As a closed system, the LipoGrafter technology reduces the risk of graft contamination. The device was designed with improved graft survival in mind and is based on well-accepted principles of fat grafting. Each sterile, single-use LipoGrafter disposable kit contains a KVACĀ® syringe for a constant spring-activated vacuum pull force during harvesting, four collection bags, a multi-port AT-ValveĀ® designed to interface with the various components, and a tubing set with connectors.

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