The makers of StriVectin offer the Nia line of products, powered by NIA-114 science and formulated specifically for Millennials by Millennials, to help target situational stressors and their impact on skin, as well as to help pre-empt early signs of aging.

The products are as follows, according to a media release:


nia Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask

This first-to-market purifying foam-to-peel mask is a double detox for skin showing signs of a long week or epic Saturday night. Rich clay mousse draws our dirt and debris from pores to reduce the appearance of blackheads, then dries to a peel-off mask to lift away dead skin cells for smooth, radiant skin. Infused with skin optimizing NIA-114 + exfoliating fruit extracts to reset skin for the week ahead.

• White Kaolin Clay: Gentle, mineral-rich clay absorbs impurities and build up to detoxify and cleanse while softly exfoliating skin

• Bamboo Charcoal Powder: Draws out toxins and debris to purify skin and help reduce the appearance of pores

• Mango and Brazilian Caja Extract: AHAs provides exfoliation to promote surface cell renewal

• Chaulmoogra, Black Cumin & Manuka Oils: Synergistic blend helps reduce the appearance of blackheads

• Lentil Seed Extract: Helps minimize the look of pores

Price: $36, Available in March at Ulta and


nia Fully Charged Serum X Moisturizer

The lazy girl’s answer to visibly healthy, glowing skin – now and in the future. This potent, serum-infused moisturizer is a supercharged dose of high-impact hydration and nutrients delivered in one simple, power-packed step. Formulated with skin optimizing NIA-114, this lightweight, breathable formula strengthens the moisture barrier, smoothes fine lines, brightens skin and fights visible signs of aging. It’s the easy, uncomplicated way to keep skin radiant and fully charged.

• Hyaluronic-Amino Complex: Mimics skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors to deliver immediate and long-term hydration, and supports skin barrier function to boost overall skin health

• Dragon Fruit Extract: Helps minimize visible signs of aging and promotes brighter, more radiant skin

• Wild Indigo Extract: Targets stressed skin to fight dullness and improve skin luminosity

• Plankton Extract and Lecithin: Helps to nourish and protect skin matrix

Price: $39, Available in March at Ulta and


nia Fake Awake Triple-Action Eye Gel

Late nights, squinting at your phone, even pulling at lids while applying makeup, leave eyes looking anything but rested. This triple-action gel is a power nap for tired eyes, instantly brightening, smoothing and de-puffing. Light-reflecting optics visibly diminish dark circles, while a blend of skin optimizing NIA-114 + lifting agents help reduce the look of fine lines. Formulated to absorb in a flash, with a ceramic tip applicator to cool on contact, so you can fake awake and get on with your life.

• Lifting & Smoothing Agents: Film-former lifts and smoothes skin surface to help reduce the look of fine lines

• Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and smoothes skin surface to help improve the overall appearance of eye area skin including crow’s feet and fine lines

• Soft focus powders: Instantly brighten under-eye circles

Price: $36, Available in March at Ulta and


nia Glow On Demand Energizing Illuminator

When that afternoon slump sets in and skin is low on natural glow, give it a boost of energizing goodness. This unique, double-duty formula features a breathable matrix of light-reflecting ingredients that brightens and illuminates, restoring natural glow, while a fusion of caffeine and ginger instantly rev up dull, lifeless skin. Skin optimizing NIA-114 rehydrates, soothes and smoothes on contact.

• Caffeine and Ginger: Instantly revives dull, lifeless skin for a more radiant, invigorated glow

• Light Reflecting Pigments: Blurs imperfection on skin for a visibly corrected and perfected complexion

Price: $28, Available in March at Ulta and


nia Tech Neck Line Smoother

Texting, swiping, scrolling . . . The repeated motion of looking down at your phone throughout the day can actually cause neck lines. Keep your neck in check with this lightweight serum and on-the-go massage roller that glides on gently to instantly firm and smooth skin. Skin optimizing NIA-114 + a blend of lipopeptides help reduce the look of horizontal lines and fortify skin against Tech Neck.

• Biopolymers: Forms an elastic film to visibly smooth skin and improve the appearance of neck lines

• Lipopeptide: Targets skin’s elastin fibers for firmer looking skin while fighting the visible effects of gravity

• Algae Extract: Immediately tightens skin surface while supporting skin’s natural formation of collagen

Price: $36, Available in March at Ulta and


nia Wash + Glow Hydrating Cleansing Foam

Wash away the signs of long days + late nights. Soothing, silky-foam cleanser removes makeup + impurities without stripping skin of moisture to reveal a fresh-faced, natural glow.

• Murumuru Butter Extract: Contains deeply moisturize oleic acid to gently cleanse and soothe skin while helping to lock in moisture

• Olive Extract: Provides essential fatty acids for skin hydration

• Chamomile: Soothes and calms dry skin

• Goji Fruit Extract: Antioxidant that also acts as a skin-conditioning agent

Price: $22, Available in March at Ulta and

[Source: Alison Brod Marketing + Communications]