Jeffrey Frentzen
Jeffrey Frentzen

If you’re holding this issue of PSP in your hands, then you are probably an avid reader of the magazine, you are looking for a product or service to outfit or enhance your aesthetic practice, and you don’t know quite where to turn.

You have come to the right place.

In addition to reading the magazine’s interesting and (hopefully) thought-provoking articles, you generally browse the New Products section, which informs you about what is new on the market that could benefit your practice. However, when you have a specific need for just the right product or service, you want to have access to a comprehensive and reliable source.

Every year around this time, we send you a special issue that is packed with information about the equipment, materials, and services you need to run a successful practice.

PSP inaugurated the annual Buyer’s Guide in 1994—at that time, it was called the “Ready Reference.” This year, it contains nearly 300 vendor listings.

Do you want to know how to get in touch with a supplier? Look in the Company Index. You will find company contact information and a brief description of products and services—the latter will help you select the vendors that are right for you.

If you would rather browse the Buyer’s Guide by product or service category, the pages are color-coded for easy reference.

If you know only the trade (or brand) name of a product or service, you can locate the manufacturer in yet another convenient, easy-to-read index.

PSP participates in several trade shows and meetings every year, and in our exhibitor’s booth we carry stacks of the current issue plus the annual Buyer’s Guide. Which of those two items tends to disappear the fastest?

You guessed it: the Buyer’s Guide.

We offer both printed and online versions of the guide. Even though the online version comes with an easy-to-use, searchable database of vendors and their products and services, our readers seem to enjoy having the old-fashioned, page-turnable print version available to them as well.

In this age of instant Web access and fast searching at our Web site, it is interesting that readers continue to want (and apparently need) their solid, tactile desk copies of the Buyer’s Guide.

Why do I keep print-bound copies of reference books and other important materials? Aside from the fact that I am a writer and editor, it is because there have been too many times when I’ve gone to the Web to find the important information I need, only to find a downed Internet connection or some other technology-induced barrier to getting the information I need right then. Or, even worse, no online resource for what I’m looking for even exists.

That is when the printed version is worth its weight in gold.

Therefore, what you have in your hands right now is a “keeper”—put it on your bookshelf, and remember that it is there for those moments when you have no other ready resource.

No matter what, we will continue producing both printed and “virtual” versions of the Buyer’s Guide, as we know that you like them both.

As always, the online version of this guide will be updated on our Web site throughout the year. You will be able to track down that elusive “perfect” new product to use in your practice or sell to your patients.

Also, the hard copy will always be handy to remind you that PSP is your best source of information for all things related to aesthetic practices. From cannulae to the small surgical supplies, from the latest marketing and Web site-related service bureaus to the state-of-the-art in laser equipment, PSP is your resource for one-stop shopping.