KCI announces the availability of the PREVENA RESTOR BELLA•FORM System, launched recently at Plastic Surgery The Meeting in San Diego.

The system is specifically designed to manage postoperative incisions, as well as the surrounding soft tissue envelope following surgical procedures, to stabilize the incision and surrounding surgical area, reduce edema and help improve healing. This launch is the first of the PREVENA RESTOR Therapy offering, a new portfolio that further optimizes postsurgical care and expands the company’s surgical offerings, according to a news release from KCI.

“Particularly, when it comes to reconstructive procedures, clinicians and patients are dealing with a variety of challenges that are unavoidable because of the nature of the procedure, including compromised blood flow and tissue loss,” says Ronald Silverman, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer of San Antonio-based KCI, in the release.

“With the PREVENA RESTOR BELLA•FORM System, clinicians are able to not only protect the incisions against external contaminants, but they are also able to stabilize the incision and surrounding surgical area, with the goal of lowering the risk of surgical site complications. This may lead to better outcomes and help health care providers discharge their patients with confidence.”

The PREVENA RESTOR BELLA•FORM System encompasses the same technology as the PREVENA Incision Management System, with added benefits including:

  • Extended therapy time: up to 14 days (dressing change required after 7 days);
  • Expanded coverage area: dressing seamlessly conforms to patient;
  • Precision design: larger dressing delivers therapy to incision and surrounding soft tissue envelope;
  • Stabilize the reconstruction: mechanically stabilize the incision and surrounding soft tissue;
  • Easy to apply: peel and place the form-fitting dressing

“As a plastic surgeon that specializes in breast reconstruction, I know that these types of surgeries can be incredibly complex. Not only do you run the risk of surgical site complications, but you also see patients whose breast compartment can collapse, further complicating an already emotional surgery,” Allen Gabriel, MD, FACS, comments in the release.

“I want my patients to have positive clinical outcomes, and also to be happy with their results, helping restore their sense of self after a life-altering diagnosis and surgery. With the introduction of the PREVENA RESTOR BELLA•FORM System, I can take my postoperative care one step further by offering patients a therapy that protects the incision and helps manage the environment, putting my patients at ease during their recovery.”

[Source(s): KCI, Business Wire]