PDO MAX, Inc., a woman-owned medical device company, has launched Molded Levo Max, its latest advancement in PDO threads—biodegradable polymer threads for non-invasive aesthetics. Recognized by the U.S. FDA, PDO threads gradually dissolve in six to 12 months, fostering collagen synthesis for a more youthful look.

Molded Levo Max threads, with bi-directional and barbed features, provide effective contouring for the lower face, jawline, and submentum. Integrated with PDO MAX’s Smuth™ threads and Levo Lock™ mechanism, these threads collectively offer a facial rejuvenation procedure in a single in-office session.

Moreover, the Molded Levo Max threads seize submental fat and skillfully reposition it along the inherent contours of the patient’s bone structure. This approach counteracts the effects of sagging, revitalizing the neck, elevating jowls, and reinstating a youthful, chiseled profile.

“Our commitment to pioneering superior PDO thread technology is unwavering,” says PDO MAX Founder Giovanna McCarthy. “The Molded Levo Max represents our latest endeavor to provide effective solutions. While known for our reputable PDO threads, we are driven to continuously innovate and offer newer thread variations, further contributing to natural facial rejuvenation for patients and providers across North America.”