Barry Eppler, MD, has launched what looks to be a nice series of "checklists" for specific procedures, starting with otoplasty, body lift surgery, and laser resurfacing.

Eppler's patient-centric blog speaks to prospective clinets in a clear style that should give other physicians a bit of inspiration on how to approach patients. I can even see doctors such top-ten-tyle lists on the wall in offices, as just one more way to inform potential patients in a format that most laypoeple can understand — Explore Plastic Surgery: 

The Top Ten Instructions After Otoplasty Surgery

The Top Ten Instructions After Facial Laser Resurfacing

The Top Ten Instructions After Your Body Lift Surgery

Epply advise his "big surgery patients" to, prior to surgery, use a specific cocktail of Vitamin C (2 grams per day) and a branded supplement called Maxitropin supplements. Maxitropin is one of those powdered concoctions that claim to stimulate HGH production in humans. In general, I'm skeptical about these products but you cna read more here