Summer 2012 is set to be the hottest on record, and we wanted to know which cosmetic surgery procedure had the most steam.

With all the buzz about Cellulaze, we thought for sure it would be No.1 especially as patients sought to permanently get rid of cottage cheese thighs and buttocks and sport tiny weenie bikinis in the record heat, but just 15.7 percent of respondents voted for Cellulaze.

Was it Miradry to control excessive underarm sweating during the heat wave ? Nope only 13 .7 percent of you voted for Miradry as the hottest procedure of summer 2012.

 Just 17.6% of you voted for Zeltiq to take the chill out of love handles this summer,  and it wasn’t chinplants either. Only 17.6 percent of respondents voted for chin augmentation with implants  which are reportedly spiking in popularity.

So what was No.1?  Fat grafting to just about anywhere was the hottest procedure of summer 2012, according to our unofficial online poll. Close to 20 percent of respondents said fat grafting was the phattest procedure of summer 2012.

[Source: Plastic Surgery Practice]