by Efrat Roman

According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic and reconstructive breast procedures by ASPC surgeons numbered over 650k in 2018 alone. At a global scale, 13 million breast procedures are performed every year. Women invest time and money to find the best surgeon for the procedure they want, scouring social media, getting recommendations from friends, and more. They make a decision to change something about their body with the goal of feeling and looking better, and trust top surgeons to deliver.

As surgeons, you want your patients to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident when they leave, and use the latest proven techniques and innovations in the field to ensure positive results. Despite that, many breast cancer patients often suffer from PTSD post op, regardless of how great the facilities or medical team was.

There is No Standard of Care for Breast Dressings

Patients go into the operating room knowing that they will wake up transformed forever, whether they are breast cancer patients or cosmetic patients. It is an emotionally stressful experience to begin with, and they wake up to dressings and bandages that are not designed for their breasts. They go home and have to face unsterile reusable bras, washing them again and again from their blood and discharge. In most cases, at their most fragile and intimate times, they are forced to be helped by others to change their dressings or post-op bra; a process that is not only physically painful but also robs them of their privacy and independence.

So, while surgeons do everything they can to make their patients feel whole, confident and feminine, it often doesn’t turn out that way.

That Is Why I Created This Solution

EZbra is a sterile, disposable, and feminine post-op bra that is designed to meet patients’ physical and emotional needs for a dignified recovery experience. Our adjustable and innovative design fits diverse breast shapes and sizes, with separate adjustable straps for each side to ensure support and comfort in asymmetric shapes. Compression levels can be adjusted according to the surgeon’s preferences, eliminating the need for additional compression devices. The straps stabilize the implants and are designed to replace the bandeau used today.

Designed for easy and fast application, this innovation in wound care enhances patient compliance, reduces OR post-op time, and reduces the number of follow-up visits to the clinic. Adjustable straps hold drain tubes and bulbs, preventing them from slipping or moving and reducing pain and discomfort. EZbra uses a unique adhesive-free and latex-free Velcro system eliminates the risk of MARSI.

Elegant, breathable, and comfortable, EZbra was designed for one purpose – to give patients the support, comfort, and dignity they deserve during recovery, allowing surgeons to provide a true gold standard of care.

Efrat Roman is founder and CEO of EZbra. For more information, visit EZbra.